Friday, June 15, 2007

The Grip

During a recent luncheon with a friend I had a "moment', something intriguing, if you will. I am profoundly observant - to useless habits that others are unaware of, but yet extremely important to me. Not to label myself a creature of habit or anything, a "pet-peeve" would be politically correct. Before I dissect the details of this particular event I would like to make a point of view and say if you all don't have this same "pet-peeve", there is something wrong with you, not me.


I remember it clearly. I was sixteen years old and working part time at the Del Taco in Diamond Bar. Pam was my boss and told me to take a 15 minute break and make myself a meal if I am hungry. Scored!

My meal was the usual - Macho Combo Burrito, extra beef. However, greed got the best of me this time as I made the burrito bigger than usual. After an approximately three bites in, there were noticeable wet-ness dripping down on the pinky side of my palm; my burrito had a leak on the bottom. Beef, sour cream, lettuce, beans, the whole shebang had disrupted. Although I managed to finished the remainder of my meal (with a fork), I was completely discouraged and irritated with myself, promising to forever avoid the unavoidable.

It wasn't until my college years a friend had suggested I should try to hold the burrito differently, in the center of my palm. By using my thumb and pinky as the control mechanism while placing the other three fingers gently on the back of the burrito as leverage, my meal stays intact. The finger position is done to abstain the inner treasure from overflowing atop, also preventing the bottom unfold. The trick is to have the burrito sit comfortably in the center of your palm, all you have to do is firmly squeeze both the thumb and the pinky just before you bite into it. Well, he who gave me a life-changing suggestion shall be a great friend. He has been a good friend since. I do not recall a single disaster since I adjusted my mechanics.

In a very subtle way, I glanced at my colleague as he struggled to rebuild a completely dismantled Pastrami sandwich with a fork, stabbing the remains off of the wrapper. I casually offered him my advice. As bizarre as I may have sounded, deep down inside he knew that I, also provided a life-changing way of life in burritos.


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