Monday, April 9, 2007

Bhangra Bhangra

I recently was invited to a buddy's wedding. It's a traditional Indian wedding that I have only heard of up to this point. The wedding was a "time of my life" weekend. There were so much culture and vibe that I was speechless by the entire extravaganza. The women had on these extraordinary sarees which were mesmerizing and enticing; as they dance the night way, I was reminded by myself that I love Indian food.

Although having probably hundreds of Indian meals from numerous restaurants, I am no expert in critiquing Indian food. I can only list the Indian restaurants I have visited and give you my honest two cents. In return, I welcome you to express and share your opinion by leaving a comment so, I, can one day have a life-changing Indian meal.

New India Grill - Westwood, CA, - Lunch Buffet $7,99.

Jaipur - West Los Angeles, CA - flavorful curry, but a bit too "milky". Lunch Buffet $7,99.

Peacock Gardens - Diamond Bar, CA - Lunch Special, $6,99

India's Oven - Los Angeles, CA - Not sure if they have a lunch special, I need to find out

Yasemeen's Indian Cuisine - Ventura, CA - Lunch Buffet, $5,99. Used to be one of my favorite places to go when I worked in the (805).

Do you see a comment trend? Lunch Buffet/s. Scoping out the lunch buffets before hand is a must. I always get my money's worth. I don't ask for much when I am there;1 a little Chicken Tikka Masala and Tandoori Chicken, I am good. Even though all other dishes are congenial, these (and white rice) are the main ingredients for my diet. Oh, and of course, that Naan bread? Its a must.

For those of you who has now read this but have no clue what I am talking about, shame on you. Get in your car and hurry curry to an Indian restaurant near you.

Again, I hope to get some feed back in the comments so I can one day write about the perfect Tandoori Chicken.

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Johnny said...

i LOVE indians.